District of North Vancouver Municipal Election ~ All Candidates Meeting

September 28, 2022
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

The District of North Vancouver is holding municipal elections in October 2022. An all-candidates meeting is scheduled on September 28, 2022 for you to come out and meet the candidates running for municipal government. The meeting will take place at:

Lions Gate Recreation Centre gymnasium

1733 Lions Gate Lane
North Vancouver

Free parking is available off Fullerton Avenue.

For further information on candidates and the DNV election, please visit the District of North Vancouver website.

This event is hosted by local community associations

Lower Capilano
Norgate Park
Pemberton Heights

COVID-19: The Corner Stone & Dinner Delivery Service in Pemberton Heights

Hi Neighbours,

On behalf of the entire Pemberton Heights Community Association I want to write to you during this unique time in our lives. As we adapt and cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, we must make sure our immediate family is safe – first and foremost. Then we need to be mindful of our friends and neighbours around us – especially our elders. Please reach out to your immediate neighbours – especially our older neighbours and check in on them. Do so from a distance while being mindful of the necessary protocols for health and safety. Its at times like these when communities such as ours need to band together and ‘weather the storm’. For example, I have an elderly couple a few doors down. Earlier today, I knocked on their door, stepped off the porch and when they came to the door, simply asked if they were okay and if they needed any help with securing groceries or other supplies. We had a brief chat about what’s happening and I wished them well after leaving them with my cell #. I was glad to hear that one of my other neighbours already beat me to the punch and made the same offer. That’s Pemberton Heights for you! Its always a good idea to exchange phone numbers with the offer to help each other when and where you can. Simple stuff. Simple, but important.

I know this is a scary time for most of us. Unprecedented. I for one, am so grateful that I have the true benefit of weathering this storm here in Pemberton Heights. Its with this realization in mind that I want to highlight another important point to be mindful of during this crisis. Governments are beginning to restrict crowds from forming. So that means restricted usage of our beloved Corner Stone Bistro. We have been in touch with Tracey since this crisis hit and they are attempting to make some adjustments to weather the storm also. Here’s some very simple ways you can help minimize the impact on our ONLY retail outlet in Pemberton Heights.

Continue to use their services and offerings.

Below is an email from Tracey – highlighting what they have to offer us during these difficult times. I encourage you to give the Cornerstone a call, order a meal for pick up or delivery. Their phone number is below.

Thanks for your time. I for one look forward to this global event coming to a swift conclusion. In the meantime, be safe, follow the recommendations of our health officials and remember to look out for each other. We live in a wonderful neighbourhood and I know most of you are already doing your part. Thank you for your kindness.


Colin Metcalfe
President, Pemberton Heights Community Assoc.

Update & Delivery Offerings from the Corner Stone Bistro

To our valued customers,

With the growing concerns about the Corona Virus, it is our number one priority to keep our customers and employees safe. So in addition to taking added precautions, including increased cleaning with sanitizers, we are trying to adapt our business to meet the needs of our customers. Many families had to cancel their vacation plans and are now having a stay-cation and wanting to stay close to home. We have decided to implement a ‘dinner delivery’ program. Click here to view a dinner menu that will be available for pick up or delivery (in Pemberton Heights) every day from 4-7 pm.

As well, I have listed the many soups and meals that are available in our ‘Frozen to Go’ section. And of course, our many sandwiches, salads, baked goods, basic groceries and confectionery items will continue to be available. All you need to do is call, 604-990-3602, and place an order!

For the time being, we will continue with our daytime business and weekend brunch service, but discontinue our Wednesday night live music. Dinner service will now be available every day from 4-7pm.

Stay Healthy – Tracey, Ian & the Corner Stone Staff

Dinner Delivery (full menu here)

  • Steak & Frites
  • Hamburgers
  • Salmon Burger
  • Grilled Salmon
  • Fish Tacos
  • Prawns or Chicken Pesto Linguini
  • Coconut Prawns
  • Dinner Salad with grilled veg (add salmon, steak, chicken or coconut prawns)
  • Grilled or tossed Caesar Salad
  • Chicken Wings (BBQ, Hot or Salt & Pepper)
  • Cheese Quesadilla (add chicken)
  • Mac & Cheese
  • Hot Dog & Fries

Frozen To Go (Changes Regularly) 

  • Large Soup $10.95: Chicken Noodle, Hamburger, Asparagus (vegan), Split Pea & Ham, Tomato Basil Soup, Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato
  • Sauces: $12.95: Bolognaise, Butter Chicken
  • Meals: Snapper & Shrimp Bouillabaisse $14.95, Grilled Salmon with Asparagus Risotto $13.95, Cauliflower, Ham & Potato Gratin $12.95, Beef Stew with Fusilli Pasta $12.95, BBQ Pork Ribs with Rice Pilaf $12.95, Snapper Roll with Rice & White Wine Sauce $12.95, Pork Stew white wine sauce & Rice Pilaf $12.95; Shepherd’s Pie $12.95 (available by Tues)

In the Cooler

  • Paninis-Cranberry Chicken & Brie, Diablo Chicken, Pastrami, Tuna, Chicken Pesto
  • Pulled Pork Wrap, Breakfast Wrap, Breakfast Sandwiches (reg & gluten free); Caesar Wrap
  • Ham & Cheese Croissant
  • Breakfast Bagel
  • Sausage Roll
  • Butter Chicken or Vegetarian Samosas (add mango chutney)
  • Desserts: Peanut Butter Rocky Road, Brownie, Lemon Tart, Assorted Squares, Cinnamon Buns, Muffins, etc.

Ashdown Park Community Garden Cleanup

Saturday May 4th, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Come and join your friends and neighbours as we weed, plant and tidy up our beautiful community garden at Ashdown Park (top of the Zig Zag staircase at Keith Road and Cortell Street).

We’ll be putting down mulch and wood chips on the beds and paths as well as weeding, planting and general cleanup.

  • Bring your own gloves and garden tools
  • Donated plants are welcome

Hope to see you there!